About Photobase


My name is Steven Bradshaw and I am the designer and developer of Photobase. You may also be interested to know, I am also a fulltime professional wedding photographer and know intimately the ins and out of the day to day running of a wedding photography business.

Check out my wedding photography site here - www.stevenbradshaw.co.uk

Photobase came about due to my need to streamline the ridiculous amount of time I was spending just running the business, the boring day to day administrative tasks. I was typing invoices and letters in a word processor, creating my accounts in spreadsheet software, managing my diary on paper, corresponding with brides via email and text messages, having to learn to use all this different software, opening and running a number of different programs to get the day to day admin jobs done. In addition to all this, the annoying necessity of a huge filing cabinet for all my hard copy versions for safe keeping...  a slow laborious process, and a nightmare when you need to pull out info for brides on the phone, often sounding a bit vague, filling them with little confidence, whilst trying to pull out their file from the bulging cabinet.

What I needed was one piece of software to record all my invoicing, receipts, contracts, email and text message correspondence. To manage my diary, contacts, tasks and 'to do's' as well as monitoring the progress of each wedding from start to finish, ensuring a quicker, smoother and a less stressful experience for me and ultimately a professional service for my clients.  Any wedding photographer will know the mass of information and correspondence accumulated whilst managing weddings, and the more you do, the more difficult it gets to manage.

I also needed realtime views of how my business is performing, the money coming in, the expenses on upcoming bookings, and an idea of how much that dreaded tax bill might be at the end of the year!! I wanted all this functionality in one simple easy to use software, so I could get on with what I actually wanted to do, to concentrate on the creative side and take pictures!

I could not find anything online that met my long list of requirements... so I decided to build one myself. Photobase is built using the groundbreaking Filemaker database design software, a fantastic and extremely flexible piece of software.

I have been using Photobase to manage my business now for the last 2 years, continually tweaking and perfecting the functionality of the program, and I am now ready to share Photobase and my excitement about this product with you, and hopefully you will love it as much as I do!

Best wishes!