Feeling Excited!... PhotoBase v2.4 is nearly here!

We are delighted with our posh new website! And very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of PhotoBase v2.4, will be available to download soon.  For now, while we are Beta testing, check out the new site and tutorial videos and register for our mailing list to keep up to date and find out first when v2.4 is released! 

What's the best workflow for Invoicing in Photobase?


We created Photobase to make it easy peasy to keep track of, and issue transactional documents to your clients. Detailed below is our suggested workflow, where transactional documents are concerned.


1. Client enquires and meets with you… You create a quote, or a number of quotes for the client to take away, or you can of course send pdf versions to thier email addresses.


2. If client agrees the quote, you then simply convert the Quote to a 'Sales Order' by simply changing it using the drop down menu in the quote layout (See Screenshot 1 below). You can then print or pdf a copy of this agreed Sales Order to your client as a record of the booked and agreed package. You do not need to create an invoice yet for the balance amount!... reasons explained below.


3. I then create one invoice for the deposit amount / booking fee and give this to the client too, once they pay this, I can then create and send a receipt for the Invoice in just a few clicks.


4. Then (maybe a year later...) Around 1-2 months before the wedding date, I then convert the original Sales Order minus the deposit / booking fee to an Invoice and invoice it out then.
The reasoning behind storing 'Sales Orders' and not creating a balance invoice in the first instance...

Storing and monitoring Sales Orders rather than simply creating an Invoice for the balance from the start, is because from an accounting point of view you don't really want to be creating invoices when the payment for them may well not be recieved until your next tax period. It's much better (and will keep your accountant happier) if you can invoice for payments nearer the time they will actually get paid, (hopefully within the same tax year.)


Please see the screenshots below which show the simple dropdown status change to convert a Quote to a Sales Order, (Screenshot 1) and where you can monitor your due Invoices and Sales Orders side by side in the Photobase 'Overview' page. (Screenshot 3)


Other points to note...

1. The agreed Sales Order can be set to show the total amount of the package agreed either including or excluding the deposit amount, using the 'Inc / Exc deposit' switch in the Quote / Sales Order. (See Screenshot 2)

2. Sales Orders then sit in the system until the wedding date comes around, and you can monitor Sales Orders becoming due in the Sales Order list in the Overview Screen. Right next to your Outstanding Invoices list. (See Screenshot 3)


Screenshot 1 - Marking a Quote as a Sales Order



Screenshot 2 - Setting the Sales Order to include or exclude the Deposit amount / Booking Fee from the total.



Screenshot 3 - Monitoring Due Sales Orders in 'Overview'



Screenshot 4 - Converting a Sales Order to an Invoice in the Sales Order Layout


Our Best Photobase yet! - v2.3 Mac / PC available to download now.

What's new in v2.3...

We've outdone ourselves this time! We've redesigned the interface for all transactional documents, most noticably, Invoicing, Quotes & the Commercial Client Invoice layouts...  the new layouts in v2.3 introduce the ability to add product packages directly to an Invoice, Quote or Sales Order in one super fast single button click! Also Quotes now remain in the quotes section even after conversion to an Invoice, handy if you wanted a Sales Order and not an Invoice.

The slightly clumsy line item dropdowns have been removed inplace of a handy 'Add Products' list right in the invoice or quote layout! Plus you can still create new products on the fly and add them to the products list directly from Invoice / quote / sale order layout.

Packages are collections of your Products, which can have different sale & cost prices on the line items individually. Also a package can have new, unique items in them which dont necessarilly have to appear in your usual products list, allowing greater flexibility and a much swifter process when creating transactional documents.

Many new User Interface changes and functionality in v2.3 including...

  1. Great new 'Packages' Feature in the Pricelist Section allows you to create Product Packages
  2. Redesigned transactional document UI for quicker, easier creation of client Quotes & Invoices.
  3. Addition of full server verified upgrading engine for easier access to newer Photobase versions for our already registered users.
  4. Addition of deposit & discount fields to Commercial Client Invoicing

Fixes since v2.2...

  1. Fixed Header Logo toggle in Commercial Client Invoicing
  2. Fixed a security issue where toolbar menus were showing on the secure login screen
  3. Fixed the default footer issue where default footers were not appearing on some new documents.
  4. Fixed a broken Commercial Invoice list view link, where clicking would take you to the incorrect invoice in the list.
  5. Plus many other small UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.
  6. Fixed issue with missing invoices in filtered view due to missing due date within invoices.
  7. Fixed Email Plugin issue with PC version which caused it to quit the program on launching email
  8. Fixed Calendar shortcut issue
  9. Fixed calendar export issue in PC version

You asked for it, so we're building it in for v2.3

Grid view in the Client Images Management Screen... nice!

Here's a sneaky peek at the new grid view in the client images management screen, we've kept the list view as this is still useful. Building on the image file referencing technique to import images, Photobase will remain extremely fast at importing scrolling through and displaying large numbers of images. View, export & email one or more client images from here. We think it's great and hopefully you will too.... keep the feature requests coming!

The screenshot below shows the unfinished article, still a bit of development to populate the grid view toolbar which is the space to the right of the grid of images in this screenshot.

Photobase v2.1 For Mac & PC Released.

What's new in v2.1...

Many User Interface changes including...

  1. Addition of full upgrade engine for upgrading to newer Photobase versions.
  2. Improved data import utility for migrating from existing database systems into Photobase.
  3. Ability to create 'dateless' events (possible before, but not obvious how to do it)
  4. Overview Layout design reshuffle for easier 'at a glance' viewing.
  5. Active status workflow layout redesigned for easier navigation.
  6. Invoicing / Payments & Accounting now consolidated within the Overview Layout
  7. Invoicing & Sale Order Creation Developments & tweaks...
  8. choose to include or exclude deposit amount from invoice total
  9. choice to retain or remove discount fields from Print view Layouts
  10. Choice to remove cost & profit columns from the product / pricelist pool
  11. Toggling of Commercial or Wedding Header Logo within Commercial Invoice layout.
  12. Additional of 'Contract Status Monitoring' in the Booking Management Tab of the Overview Screen (so you know who still needs to send you a signed contract!)

Plus many other UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.

Photobase v2.0 for Mac & PC now available!

We are proud to announce the much anticipated Photobase v2.0, THE business & customer relationship management software for professional wedding photographers. 


  • Built with the latest Filemaker Pro 12 award winning database development software.
  • Redesigned & vastly improved on v1.2 and a new User Interface
  • New Client Calender for adding pre or post wedding events, such as pre shoots, consultations etc.
  • Export client calender & wedding booking details to iCal or Google Calender.
  • Redesigned Overview layout gives 'at a glance' view of Accounts, Job Progress, Tasks & Workflow.
  • New Built-in Email Client with full templating & field / Mail Merge. 
  • New Client Images section for quick handling of image file export & Photosales tasks
  • Redesigned Accounting Section with date range sorting, status filtering & export to MS Excel.
  • Improved 'Commercial Client' & general contact management section.
  • Hundreds of smaller tweaks, functionality improvements, additions and speed enhancements.

All the above plus...

  • Take Photobase anywhere with you! Run it directly and permanently from any USB Flash Drive! - Wherever you are, take your business with you! Update Client details onsite, at a home visit or at the Wedding venue, create & send client documents from anywhere with wifi access! Or use Photobase offline, no double entry, no struggling for an internet / cloud based software connection... just quick, simple business admin, anywhere.


Scheduled v2.0 Release Date - August 2012 - Mac & PC

Commercial Release of Photobase v2.0

For both Mac & PC

(Yes the PC version is coming in this next release!)

Standalone Executable & Filemaker Pro 12 versions will be available.

Scheduled v2.0 Release Date - August / September 2012

 New & Improved Features & Functonality in v2.0...

  • Automated storage & filtering of two way email correspondence with Photobase Email
  • New Client Image Management section for Import referencing, Advanced Search & Export of high resolution client images vastly streamlining your photosales workflow.
  • Photoshop Integration, for quick editing of client images.
  • Improved Calendar functionality with export to iCal & .ics calendars.
  • Introduction of a full top toolbar menu for easier navigation & function finding.
  • Timesaving automated PDF creation & export for Quotes, Invoices & Receipts.
  • Introduction of 'close window' buttons on top left of all windows & popups.
  • Redesign of the accounting section, additional export functionality for output to excel & other spreadsheet and accounting software.
  • Improved Commercial Client Management & Contact database section.
  • Many bug fixes and major speed enhancements on earlier versions.

Photobase v2.0 in development!.. check out the great new functionality we've got planned!

Exciting times here at the Redcat camp!... Two way tracking of client email correspondence will be the next exciting addition to Photobase functionality in version 2.0. We're integrating a fully fledged email client, allowing you to send and create rich, data-driven emails. This great new feature will turn Photobase into your one-stop client communications centre!!!

We've also made improvements to the way Photobase handles your workflow, the tasks list has been simplified for easier 'at a glance' viewing, and the Active bookings progress portal now allows you to create your own workflow stages or statuses and filter workflow as you wish.

We're also introducing the ability to write client events to Photobase Calendar directly from your event view screen. The process of adding an event will be as easy as selecting a date and time and adding event details. Events for each client can then be viewed at a glance in a simple list view portal. Events can then be synced with iCal or Google Calendar to allow on the go viewing of all client events in your mobile calendar. Due to this clever new tweak, we're doing away with the pre wedding events tab and replacing it with the above.

If that wasn't enough to wet your appetite, there's a whole host of other useful new tweaks, changes and fixes and improvements. We're making significant changes to aid the design and layout, plus the addition of a traditional program toolbar, to aid in navigation, settings and preferences for easier day to day use of all the time saving functionality Photobase has to offer.

And if that wasn't enough!... you'll be able to import & create thumbnail references to all client images on your system, allowing quick referencing, searching and exporting of the high resolution versions elsewhere, for easy image management & handling of photosales orders for example.

Screenshot of our new Client Image Management functionality -

And all this for £95? we must be mad!

Watch this space, subscribe to our blog or newsletter and stay up to date with development and new version releases.

Photobase for PC coming soon!

You have been contacting us in your droves about the PC version of Photobase, which is currently close to develoment completion, the two versions Mac & PC will be identical in functionality, but the development to produce the PC version is a little more complicated than the mac version and so taking a while longer.

The new PC version will be launched with the same functionality as v1.2 for mac, so expect the email integration and the fantastic new feature allowing you to import & create thumbnail references to all client images on your system, allowing quick referencing, searching and exporting of the high resolution versions elsewhere, for easy image management & handling of photosales orders for example.

We hope to bring you the PC version for summer 2012 and you'll hear about it here first, once it is released.

We're also shortly releasing v1.2 for Mac OSX, which see's a whole host of new design features to aid in a better more streamlined workflow when working with Photobase. 

Photobase Version 1.1 Coming Very Soon!

After a very successful launch we have listened to our clients and have made a few tweaks here and there, added a bit of extra functionality and sprinkled a bit more Redcat magic dust on our new version!

We've also decided to extend our £100 off promotion for a while longer! - So take advantage of this amazing offer now and manage your entire wedding photography business with Photobase for a one off fee of just £95.00!!

Photobase Launch Offer - Get £100 off!!

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Photobase v1.0 released today!

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Dont forget to check out our YouTube tutorial pages for simple straight talking advise on how best to use and navigate your way around Photobase! 


Photobase is coming!

Photobase is coming! - The business management software for all wedding photographers is close to launch! and we are very excited about releasing it. Download the trial version soon, join in the excitement and get the benefits of stress free client management and business administration!!