Photobase v2.1 For Mac & PC Released.

What's new in v2.1...

Many User Interface changes including...

  1. Addition of full upgrade engine for upgrading to newer Photobase versions.
  2. Improved data import utility for migrating from existing database systems into Photobase.
  3. Ability to create 'dateless' events (possible before, but not obvious how to do it)
  4. Overview Layout design reshuffle for easier 'at a glance' viewing.
  5. Active status workflow layout redesigned for easier navigation.
  6. Invoicing / Payments & Accounting now consolidated within the Overview Layout
  7. Invoicing & Sale Order Creation Developments & tweaks...
  8. choose to include or exclude deposit amount from invoice total
  9. choice to retain or remove discount fields from Print view Layouts
  10. Choice to remove cost & profit columns from the product / pricelist pool
  11. Toggling of Commercial or Wedding Header Logo within Commercial Invoice layout.
  12. Additional of 'Contract Status Monitoring' in the Booking Management Tab of the Overview Screen (so you know who still needs to send you a signed contract!)

Plus many other UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.