Photobase v2.0 in development!.. check out the great new functionality we've got planned!

Exciting times here at the Redcat camp!... Two way tracking of client email correspondence will be the next exciting addition to Photobase functionality in version 2.0. We're integrating a fully fledged email client, allowing you to send and create rich, data-driven emails. This great new feature will turn Photobase into your one-stop client communications centre!!!

We've also made improvements to the way Photobase handles your workflow, the tasks list has been simplified for easier 'at a glance' viewing, and the Active bookings progress portal now allows you to create your own workflow stages or statuses and filter workflow as you wish.

We're also introducing the ability to write client events to Photobase Calendar directly from your event view screen. The process of adding an event will be as easy as selecting a date and time and adding event details. Events for each client can then be viewed at a glance in a simple list view portal. Events can then be synced with iCal or Google Calendar to allow on the go viewing of all client events in your mobile calendar. Due to this clever new tweak, we're doing away with the pre wedding events tab and replacing it with the above.

If that wasn't enough to wet your appetite, there's a whole host of other useful new tweaks, changes and fixes and improvements. We're making significant changes to aid the design and layout, plus the addition of a traditional program toolbar, to aid in navigation, settings and preferences for easier day to day use of all the time saving functionality Photobase has to offer.

And if that wasn't enough!... you'll be able to import & create thumbnail references to all client images on your system, allowing quick referencing, searching and exporting of the high resolution versions elsewhere, for easy image management & handling of photosales orders for example.

Screenshot of our new Client Image Management functionality -

And all this for £95? we must be mad!

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