Scheduled v2.0 Release Date - August 2012 - Mac & PC

Commercial Release of Photobase v2.0

For both Mac & PC

(Yes the PC version is coming in this next release!)

Standalone Executable & Filemaker Pro 12 versions will be available.

Scheduled v2.0 Release Date - August / September 2012

 New & Improved Features & Functonality in v2.0...

  • Automated storage & filtering of two way email correspondence with Photobase Email
  • New Client Image Management section for Import referencing, Advanced Search & Export of high resolution client images vastly streamlining your photosales workflow.
  • Photoshop Integration, for quick editing of client images.
  • Improved Calendar functionality with export to iCal & .ics calendars.
  • Introduction of a full top toolbar menu for easier navigation & function finding.
  • Timesaving automated PDF creation & export for Quotes, Invoices & Receipts.
  • Introduction of 'close window' buttons on top left of all windows & popups.
  • Redesign of the accounting section, additional export functionality for output to excel & other spreadsheet and accounting software.
  • Improved Commercial Client Management & Contact database section.
  • Many bug fixes and major speed enhancements on earlier versions.