Our Best Photobase yet! - v2.3 Mac / PC available to download now.

What's new in v2.3...

We've outdone ourselves this time! We've redesigned the interface for all transactional documents, most noticably, Invoicing, Quotes & the Commercial Client Invoice layouts...  the new layouts in v2.3 introduce the ability to add product packages directly to an Invoice, Quote or Sales Order in one super fast single button click! Also Quotes now remain in the quotes section even after conversion to an Invoice, handy if you wanted a Sales Order and not an Invoice.

The slightly clumsy line item dropdowns have been removed inplace of a handy 'Add Products' list right in the invoice or quote layout! Plus you can still create new products on the fly and add them to the products list directly from Invoice / quote / sale order layout.

Packages are collections of your Products, which can have different sale & cost prices on the line items individually. Also a package can have new, unique items in them which dont necessarilly have to appear in your usual products list, allowing greater flexibility and a much swifter process when creating transactional documents.

Many new User Interface changes and functionality in v2.3 including...

  1. Great new 'Packages' Feature in the Pricelist Section allows you to create Product Packages
  2. Redesigned transactional document UI for quicker, easier creation of client Quotes & Invoices.
  3. Addition of full server verified upgrading engine for easier access to newer Photobase versions for our already registered users.
  4. Addition of deposit & discount fields to Commercial Client Invoicing

Fixes since v2.2...

  1. Fixed Header Logo toggle in Commercial Client Invoicing
  2. Fixed a security issue where toolbar menus were showing on the secure login screen
  3. Fixed the default footer issue where default footers were not appearing on some new documents.
  4. Fixed a broken Commercial Invoice list view link, where clicking would take you to the incorrect invoice in the list.
  5. Plus many other small UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.
  6. Fixed issue with missing invoices in filtered view due to missing due date within invoices.
  7. Fixed Email Plugin issue with PC version which caused it to quit the program on launching email
  8. Fixed Calendar shortcut issue
  9. Fixed calendar export issue in PC version