What's the best workflow for Invoicing in Photobase?


We created Photobase to make it easy peasy to keep track of, and issue transactional documents to your clients. Detailed below is our suggested workflow, where transactional documents are concerned.


1. Client enquires and meets with you… You create a quote, or a number of quotes for the client to take away, or you can of course send pdf versions to thier email addresses.


2. If client agrees the quote, you then simply convert the Quote to a 'Sales Order' by simply changing it using the drop down menu in the quote layout (See Screenshot 1 below). You can then print or pdf a copy of this agreed Sales Order to your client as a record of the booked and agreed package. You do not need to create an invoice yet for the balance amount!... reasons explained below.


3. I then create one invoice for the deposit amount / booking fee and give this to the client too, once they pay this, I can then create and send a receipt for the Invoice in just a few clicks.


4. Then (maybe a year later...) Around 1-2 months before the wedding date, I then convert the original Sales Order minus the deposit / booking fee to an Invoice and invoice it out then.
The reasoning behind storing 'Sales Orders' and not creating a balance invoice in the first instance...

Storing and monitoring Sales Orders rather than simply creating an Invoice for the balance from the start, is because from an accounting point of view you don't really want to be creating invoices when the payment for them may well not be recieved until your next tax period. It's much better (and will keep your accountant happier) if you can invoice for payments nearer the time they will actually get paid, (hopefully within the same tax year.)


Please see the screenshots below which show the simple dropdown status change to convert a Quote to a Sales Order, (Screenshot 1) and where you can monitor your due Invoices and Sales Orders side by side in the Photobase 'Overview' page. (Screenshot 3)


Other points to note...

1. The agreed Sales Order can be set to show the total amount of the package agreed either including or excluding the deposit amount, using the 'Inc / Exc deposit' switch in the Quote / Sales Order. (See Screenshot 2)

2. Sales Orders then sit in the system until the wedding date comes around, and you can monitor Sales Orders becoming due in the Sales Order list in the Overview Screen. Right next to your Outstanding Invoices list. (See Screenshot 3)


Screenshot 1 - Marking a Quote as a Sales Order



Screenshot 2 - Setting the Sales Order to include or exclude the Deposit amount / Booking Fee from the total.



Screenshot 3 - Monitoring Due Sales Orders in 'Overview'



Screenshot 4 - Converting a Sales Order to an Invoice in the Sales Order Layout