Photobase Installation Instructions

(All standalone versions, Mac & PC)


Photobase is a completely standalone software and does not require any complicated installation process on Mac or PC and can be run permanently from anywhere on your system, even from a USB drive if you wish, allowing for easy on the go use of all Photobase's functionality on location.

Also 95% of Photobase's functionality does not require an internet connection, so it is not reliant on this for on-location use. Only Google Maps, SMS text messaging and Photobase help pages require an internet connection.


Installing on a Desktop Mac / PC...

Please ensure you have 'unzipped' or uncompressed the download file before following instructions below.

If installing for full-time use on a desktop mac or PC, download and extract the zipped folder, then drag the entire Photobase_v2.4 folder to your Applications / Programs Folder, then drag the '' (Mac) or 'PHOTOBASE.exe' (PC) file to your mac app dock or PC Start Menu, or create an alias of it and place it on your desktop, for quick launching.

When you first launch Photobase on a mac it may inform you the software is 'not allowed or is not signed', this is a System Preferences restriction on the Mac, which you can change to allow the software to run...

Open System Preferences, click the 'Security & Privacy' icon, and select the 'Allow Application downloaded from: Anywhere' radio button. This will allow Photobase to launch. See Mac Preferences Panel screenshot below. Click the Allow applications downloaded from 'Anywhere' option. 

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 15.16.32.png

Installing on a USB Key / drive on a Mac (for regular mobile use)

If installing to a usb drive for mobile use on any machine, just copy the whole Photobase_v2.4 folder to a USB drive and drag the file from the usb drive folder to your dock. - We recommend using the fastest usb drive you can buy.  (Sandisk Cruzer or Corsair Flash Voyager GT are reliable and fast models and very small versions are available, particularly of the Sandisk type, so they don't get in the way if you plan on having the USB drive plugged in permanently)

Be sure not to move or delete any files within the Photobase application folder, these are all required for smooth running of the software.

A note regarding PDF export functionality...

Handy Tip!: You can export PDF's of any Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, Receipt, Contract or letter using the pdf print / export options within your own print dialog box. If you are using the Filemaker Version with your own version of Filemaker Pro 13, Photobase PDF Export Functionality is built in. 

Photobase Secure Login setup...

We also strongly recommend you setup and activate the 'Secure Login' feature, found in the Photobase 'Admin' tab this requires creation of a password, which is then requested each time Photobase is launched, keeping your sensitive data safe from prying eyes. Particularly useful if you are running Photobase from a USB key / drive. Be aware that 10 successive failed login attempts will render the software copy unuseable and will delete all sensitive information within. With regular backups, in the instance of a lost or stolen usb key, you will have secured your data and hold a backup copy eleswhere.

Many thanks

Redcat Software Development Team