Upgrade & Data transfer from Photobase v2.3 to v2.4

The instructions below explain how to upgrade v2.3, PC or Mac version of Photobase to the latest version (v2.4).

To import records from an older version of Photobase and upgrade to the new version, you must rename your existing 'PHOTOBASE.rcs' file in the Photobase application folder to 'PHOTOBASE_OLD.rcs' and then move it to the application folder of your newly downloaded (2.4) copy, replacing the existing file. Then launch the new version and click the 'Import from previous version button' in the 'Import from v2.3' tab in the 'Admin' section of Photobase v2.4, this will initiate migration script which will import all your client records from the data file you copied over from your old version.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Back up your old copy of Photobase, preferably to a seperate drive.
  2. Close all copies of Photobase, no need to register the new version just yet.
  3. Locate the ‘PHOTOBASE.rcs’ file in the application folder of your old version of Photobase
  4. Rename this file calling it ‘PHOTOBASE_OLD.rcs’, if there is a file of this name which already exists, delete the existing file first.
  5. Then copy your newly renamed 'PHOTOBASE.OLD.rcs' file to the application folder of the newer v2.4 of Photobase, replacing any existing ‘PHOTOBASE_OLD.rcs’ file
  6. Launch your new version of Photobase and register using a valid registration key (this will have been emailed to you shortly after purchase).
  7. (Crucial step) Once you have completed the steps above sucessfully, click the 'Import Records from v2.3' button in the 'Admin - Import from v2.3' tab... this will initiate a migration script which will import all your client and event data from your old version.... preferences, bookings, invoices, receipts, quotes, sales orders, contracts, contacts, images...everything will be copied over to the new version.
  8. Enjoy the new version! 

View a video of this upgrade process here